Superstar Readers – About the Authors

Colleen as a child

Colleen Arch
was born on a research station in Matopos, Zimbabwe, where it seemed, there were more leopards and baboons than there were people! She has always loved animals, both tame and wild. Her favorite thing to do was to ride her horses through the countryside for hours at a time.

Colleen lived and worked in Cape Town, South Africa, London, England and Harari, Zimbabwe before moving to Houston with her husband and one year old baby. Soon thereafter she became a Montessori teacher.

She loves to travel to wild, natural places, hiking, reading and drawing the Superstar Reader Books.

Colleen today

Colleen has two grown daughters, Lara and Sasha. She lives with her husband Boaz and two cats in Houston, Texas.

Ronnie as a childRonnie Greenbaum
was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota surrounded by beautiful lakes. Her youth was spent swimming in the summer and ice skating on the lakes in the winter. Growing up, Ronnie took ballet and piano and loved roller skating and biking around her neighborhood.

She went to the University of Minnesota and graduated from the University of Missouri. Inspired by her love for children, Ronnie then became a Montessori teacher.

She swims for fun and exercise and enjoys the theatre, the symphony, ballet… and reading!Ronnie Today
Ronnie has two grown children, a daughter, Rachel, and a son, Adam. She lives with her husband, Jerry, in Houston, Texas.