Morgan 4 1/2

I like the book Mud Fun. I like the pup digging in the mud. The pup is cute.

Levi 3 1/2

I like Cat because she can fly. I like Rap because he can dance. I like Rat because hes funny.

Liv, 4, with sister Meg, 5

I like the books because they get better and better.”

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Dan 5

My favorite superhero is Zap because he does so many cool things. He’s really fast and strong!

Mia, 5

My favorite character is Fit Pig because he exercises and it makes me want to exercise too!

Noey, 6

I like to read them over and over again because they’re funny.

Avery, 4

I want to read Cat again. I love reading Cat!

Miriam, age 4

I really like Cat and Rap because they’re superheroes and they can do very hard things. I like the ’C’ on Cat’s dress and the ’R’ on Rap’s shirt