Remani M., Montessori Teacher

In Cat, Rat, and Rap, the first three books, the beginning pages have no words, only pictures. This really piques a child’s imagination. ’What’s going to happen?’ It motivates the children to want to read the books.

John F., private tutor of Tian, Howick, South Africa

The books are marvelous as we can get through them in one sitting – adds to a child’s sense of achievement.

Mahnaz S. Pre-K Teacher

The children love the superheroes and the illustrations. They are so easy to read that even young children ask to read them!

Anna G, Pre K Teacher

I like using the Superstar Reading series in my class because:
1. The books are short, only 11 pages long and they hold a child’s attention.
2. The stories are told in rhyme.
3. The use of repetition helps the children learn a specific letter or word.
4. Sight words are kept to a minimum.
5. The illustrations are wonderful and make the books come alive.
6. I love the series!

Josie A, Early Childhood Teacher

These books are concise and simple. They take the child to each new level with ease. The children find them attractive and exciting to read, and they gain confidence in their reading skills from book to book.

Renee O, Educator, Cape Town

DSC03817I’m helping out with a project designed to boost English literacy amongst young isixhosa learners (in South Africa). These books are a wonderful addition to our support material.