All About Set 1 – Short Vowel Books

Wow! In only 20 short, fun, easy phonetic books, your child will be introduced to the wonderful world of reading and will be proud to say,

“I read them all by myself!”

Included with the purchase of Set 1:

(Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

Red Books – Short Vowel a

Red Book
Read Rap in its entirety! (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
 The amazing superheroes, Cat, Rap and Zap, together with their mischievous pal Rat, are introduced in the Red Books.Letters introduced:

  • Short vowel a
  • Consonants b, c, d, f, g, h, m, n, p, r, s, t and z

In these first 4 books there are 23 phonetic words (words to sound out) plus 9 sight words (words to memorize).

Orange Books – Short Vowel I

Set 1 Orange Books
Peek inside Kid Hill! (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)
 In the Orange Books, the superhero kids and Rat visit an amusement park on Kid Hill. Tip, Fit Pig, and a hungry ant have their own adventures.Letters introduced:

  • Short vowel i
  • Consonants j, k, l, v, w and double consonants ll and ss

In addition to the words already introduced, there are 38 new phonetic words and 5 new sight words.

Yellow Books – Short Vowel o

Set 1 Yellow Books
Peek inside Hop on Top
In the Yellow Books, Todd makes his first appearance together with his little dog. Rat tries to drive a hot rod. Also introduced are Cat and Zap’s Mom and Pop and the feisty Fox.New letters introduced:

  • Short vowel o
  • Consonants y and x

There are 33 new phonetic and 2 new sight words.

Green Books – Short Vowel u

Set 1 Green Books
Peek inside 10 Bugs
In the Green Books, your child will count 10 cute bugs and read about Todd’s pup digging in the mud. They will also meet the cubs, Al and Sal, and be amazed at Zap’s true strength.New letter introduced:

  • Short vowel u.

Also introduced are:

  • s at the end of a word.
  • ck at the end of a word

There are 33 new phonetic words and 6 new sight words in these 4 books.

Blue Books – Short Vowel e

Set 1 Blue Books
Peek inside Ben


In the Blue Books, Elf gets into trouble with the superhero kids and the pup gets his name. Also in the Blue Books , Kip-Kip Hen gets stuck in the mud and the vet takes care of all the animals.New letter introduced:

  • Short vowel e.

Also introduced is:

  • Contractions.

There are 38 new phonetic words and 8 new sight words.