All About Set 2 – Long Vowel Books

Wow! In these 20 phonetic books, your child will be introduced to the magic key that can change the sound of a vowel. Building on the skills mastered in Set 1 and decoding these new long vowel words will give your child a real sense of accomplishment! Your child will be proud to say,

“Come and listen to me read!”

Included with the purchase of Set 2:

Red Books – Long Vowel a with Silent e

Set 2 Red Books

Read Cap-Cape in its entirety!
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Read Jade’s Cake in its entirety!
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The first Red Book, Cap-Cape, introduces the silent e.In this book, each short vowel a word is changed to long vowel by using a silent e.They’re back! All of your favorite superheroes and Rat return. Meet an astonishing new superhero, Jade. She can become invisible!Also introduced is Tim, an ordinary boy who loves adventure.There are 6 sight words to memorize in the Red Books.

Orange Books – Long Vowel i with Silent e

Set 2 Orange

Peek inside Pin-Pine

Peek inside A Bike Ride


The first Orange Book, Pin-Pine uses silent e to change each short vowel i word to long vowel.Go on a bike ride to the lake with Cat, Zap and Rat.Kites can be troublesome as Al, Sal and Rat discover. Fortunately, Rap can transform himself and save Rat or poor Rat would still be up in the sky!There 2 new sight words to memorize in the Orange Books.

Yellow Books – Long Vowel o with Silent e

Set 2 Yellow Books

Peek inside Tot-Tote

Peek inside Ben’s Bone


Silent e works its magic again in Tot-Tote, turning short vowel o words to long vowel.In the Yellow Books, Elf sends Todd, Zap, Rap and Rat on a scavenger hunt adventure. Help the kids decipher the codes and join in the surprise at the end.Ben gets a big bone and faces a dilemma. Where can he hide his bone?There are 2 new sight words in the Yellow Books.

Green Books – Long Vowel u with Silent e, Long Vowel e with Silent e

Set 2 Green

Peek inside Cub-Cube

Peek inside Bat Dude


Short vowel u and e words become long vowel in Cub-Cube.In the Green Books, Cat, Jade and Rat go for a hike in the woods and encounter some pesky buzz bugs. Cool Bat Dude comes to their rescue!Dave Mule joins Fit Pig and Tim on an energetic run through the countryside.There are 4 new sight words in the Green Books.

Blue Books – Long Vowels ie, oe, ee

Set 2 Blue

Peek inside Peek


See if you can guess the identity of the mystery pie-eater. Who tiptoes into the kitchen and takes a big bite out of Mom’s lime pie?Peek, the superhero who can see straight through solid objects, is introduced in the Blue Books. As you can imagine, she is very good at finding lost things.There are 7 new sight words in the Blue Books.

Purple Books – Long Vowel ea

Set 2 Purple Books

Peek inside Seal Pup


Even in his sleep, Zap is kind and helpful. In a dream, Zap befriends a lost seal pup and together they go to find the pup’s mom.Also in the Purple Books, the superheroes man their own hot-line booth. Call them if you need help… they will send a pal, lickety-split to your aid!There are no new sight words in the Purple Books.

Pink Books – Long Vowel oa

Set 2 Pink Books

Peek inside Goat


In the Pink books, Tim calls the Pal’s Hot Line when he encounters a stubborn goat. They send Rap, who is perfectly suited to solve Tim’s predicament.Sometimes you do not have to be a superhero to remedy a problem. Tim has an ingenious idea which saves his pals, Dave Mule and Fit Pig.There are 2 new sight words in the Pink Books.

Gray Books – Long Vowel ai

Set 2 Gray Books

Peek inside Mag’s Tail


In the Gray Books, Jade’s playful cat, Mag, joins Al and Sal in a lively game of hide and seek. How did Mag and Sal end up on top of the pole? Who comes and rescues them?There is something special about the rain. Everyone loves to splish-splash in the puddles and feel the raindrops.There are no new sight words in the Gray Books.