All About Set 3 – Consonants Plus

Wow! In these fun, phonetic books, your child will be introduced to consonant blends, compound and multi-syllable words, digraphs, endings and ‘R’ controlled sounds, and build on the skills mastered in Set 1 and Set 2.  Your child will be proud to say,

“Let me read to you!”

Included with the purchase of Set 3:

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Red Books – Consonant Blends with Short Vowel

Read Slip, Slip, Spin. in its entirety!

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In the Red Books, the children are introduced to Consonant Blends with Short Vowel. The Superstar pals are back again for more reading fun. Todd tries to learn to ice skate. Will he succeed? Come with us on an undersea scavenger hunt and go on 5 mini adventures. There are 2 sight words to memorize in the Red Books.

Orange Books – Consonant Blends with Long Vowel

Peek inside Black Paint! (Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

The Orange Books teach Consonant Blends with Long Vowel. The pals take a train to the seaside and encounter a few obstacles on their journey. Elf gets up to mischief with black paint and Rat needs to be rescued from a raft. There are 4 new sight words to memorize in the Orange Books.

Yellow Books – Multi-Syllable Words

Peek inside Campfire

The Yellow Books will give your child a real sense of accomplishment when they discover they can read multi-syllable words. Going camping can be fun, but you must watch your campfire! Isn’t it lucky that Cat could fly to the rescue of Ben, Mag, and even Pop. There are 3 new sight words to memorize in the Yellow Books.

Green Books – Consonant Digraphs

Peek inside Chimp Champs

Consonant Digraphs will expand your child’s reading horizons. While picking up trash, the pals meet a brand new friend, called Sing. Cat flies some pals to Africa where they encounter 3 screeching chimps. Can you answer 5 riddles? Sing is able to help a trapped dolphin, and a mother duck needs Bat Dude to help her. There are 5 new sight words in the Green Books.

Blue Books – Endings

Peek inside King Giggle

The endings ‘le’ and ‘ing’ are introduced in the Blue Books. Mr. Grump has stolen all the fun. Can King Giggle and the boys bring laughter back to the Land of Glad? Getting fit can be fun. Swim, hike and bike with Fit Pig, Dave Mule and Tim. There are 3 new sight words in the Blue Books.

Purple Books – ‘R’ Controlled Sounds

Peek inside Visit to Mars



It’s amazing how an “R” can change the sound of a vowel. Blast off to Mars for 2 space adventures. The Land of Glad needs the pals again, to catch a Purple Monster, and we learn what we can all do to take care of our wonderful world. There are 5 new sight words in the Purple Books.