All About Set 4 – Vowels and More

Wow! In these 20 engaging phonetic books, your child will learn about vowel digraphs, ‘y’ as a vowel, diphthongs, special vowels and silent and soft sounds. They will continue to build on the skills mastered in Sets 1, 2, and 3. Your child will say,

“I can’t wait to read these books!”

Included with the purchase of Set 4:

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Red Books – Vowels Digraphs


Read Loose Goose in its entirety

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In the Red Books, Loose Goose has fun being free until Rap ropes her and returns her to Farmer Mac. Good witch Bell tries to cook sweet treats for her woodland pals. Who spoils her plans? Sing uses her problem solving skills and artistic talent to save the grand oak tree. Tip’s magic brings a snowman to life.

Orange Books – ‘y’ as a Vowel


Peek inside Why?

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In the first Orange Book, Cat flies Matt, the snowman, Zap and Rat to the Arctic where they encounter Freezerman. In the next book, Tip grants them each a wish because of their recent good deeds. In Why? Todd, Cat, Rap and Rat find themselves in a different world where they discover they have no super powers.

Yellow Books – Diphthongs


Peek inside Cowboy Roy

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In Little Mouse a poor, little lost mouse needs help to find its home. Elf wants to paint the 3 brown cows black. Will he succeed? Sad Queen Giggle has lost her jewels. Can the pals help her find them? Oh no, Rat rides an untamed horse named Poison and needs to be rescued!

Green Books – Special Sounds


Peek inside Ready for Action

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Did you ever wonder what the pals want to be when they are all grown up? Jade, Sing and Peek find the end of the rainbow and try to claim the pot of gold from the troll. Come explore a dark cave with Bat Dude, Fit Pig, Dave Mule and Tim. Believe it or not, you can stop a volcano from erupting – if you have superpowers! Farmer Mac’s horse, Trixie learns that it’s better to be yourself. Can the pals solve the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster in Curious Detectives?

Blue Books – Silent and Soft


Peek inside Castle Knight

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In Castle Knight, Tim builds a time traveler and Rap jousts a boastful knight. How did the pals get their super powers? The answer is revealed in Magic Bridge. Peace has many meanings. What does it mean to you?